Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Timmy is neutered!

This morning was the first day of a heavily-packed semester for me, so I was at work early. By mid-morning, my husband texted to say he had caught Timmy (!!) and that they were already on their way to the vet's.

How did he catch Timmy?

Well, Timmy was very suspicious of the carrier already (smart boy!). But Timmy has a weakness - he is always hungry (and greedy for food, I suppose).

So food was placed inside the carrier, but Timmy was smart enough NOT to enter. But his greed (I doubt it is hunger as he is quite well-fed) got the better of him, so how could he possibly pass up an offer of food, right?

But the smart boy stepped into the carrier cautiously and only half his body was inside.

Husband was hiding behind a pillar and as soon as (half of) Timmy went in, he closed the carrier door and that's it. Timmy was trapped.

Apparently, it was quite an uneventful journey to the vet's, and quiet too.

By 4pm, the vet called saying we could pick up Timmy already.

 Here's Timmy in the car, on the way home.

Ginger came to greet Timmy, probably telling him not to worry as animals "under confinement" get good food!

 I had to let Timmy into the cage this way...slowly, he walked out on his own.

 Rosie was here too.

 Yes, that's the way, Timmy ol' boy.

 Daffodil watched from afar.

 Hey Timmy! You'll be alright by tomorrow.

I requested for his ear to be notched.

 I offered some food (with Vetri DMG) and of course Timmy ate everything up.

Timmy and food are inseparable!

Rosie and Ginger kept Timmy company.

 We're watching too...

Since coming back, Timmy has eaten 4 small meals. He is, as always, as hungry as ever.

He did vomit some food out initially, though, but is fine now.

Just now, there was a lot of feline war-cries outside and it was Mr G.  Mr G was taunting Timmy at the cage, so I had to shoo him away.

Other than that, all is fine.

Timmy's neutering is sponsored by Tabs and Associates.


nandhini said...

Happy Healthy Neutered Cats:)

Joy E. Saga said...

A thought just occured to me... perhaps you need to deworm Timmy.. Being always hungry could be worms. U can get the worm syrup and drip them into the wet food :)

chankahyein said...

Yes, already going to do. One thing at a time. The vet said wait a bit after neutering.