Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starry is back home (and neutered)!

Surprisingly the vet was very free today (where is the Saturday crowd??) so before 3pm, the vet's assistant called to say I could already take Starry home.

We're going home now, Starry!

 Timmy was the first to greet Starry.



Daffodil and Rosie were also around. Ginger must have gone to his other house to hang out.

 Starry was hungry!!


 Timmy making the official announcement that his friend is back home.

 I asked for a V-notch but the vet flat-tipped it instead. Well, it's okay, especially since he is male.

 Timmy's was V-notched previously. The V-notch is more obvious and actually, quite "cool".

 Here's an extra treat for you, Starry, for being such a good boy.

 So, Starry's friends are now keeping him company.

The next cat to be caught would be Willy Orange, IF he comes around here. I think he may have found another home as I seldom see him around.

Starry's neutering is sponsored by Tabs & Associates.

Ms Tabitha Jane Spencer
Chief Executive Officer, Tabs & Associates

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