Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome to Bunny's New Garden

Today, Bunny's Garden got "repaired"....

The Philippine grass we had planted when we first moved in gradually died. I think it was due to the place being too shady, the poor water drainage from the soil as well as Cow and Bobby's urine!

Anyway, our landscaper said Pearl Grass would be the only type that we could try growing in this shady part of the compound.

So, Pearl Grass it is....

 Welcome to my new garden...

We had these stepping stones placed on the lawn to reduce the amount of grass used just in case the grass dies again. The stepping stones are pebble-washed so it's a rough surface - good for rubbing and grooming, especially for the escapees who go to the neighbours' to rub on their concrete surface!

 Mr Ginrella came to see what's new...(he's on the roof).

 With the polycarbonate installed on the Stargate, we can now place these two tree trunks near the gate as a sentry post for the cats. If there is no polycarb, this would be a strict no-no - a launchpad to JUMP from and to freedom and greater adventure!



 Cow going for the cat-mint.
It's almost a wonder the plant is still alive at the rate they rub on it!

 Someone's up there....



 Who's at the gate?

 Hi, Mr G!!!

 Again, our perfect host never fails to perform her duty.



 Bobby knows something is new....

I slipped out some kibbles for Mr G but he kept at a polite distance and did not approach the food.

 He decided to walk the ledge today. The high road, sir?

Oh! ye'll take the high road and
I'll take the low road,
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye..

 And pray tell, who might you be?

 Aww...Mr G, why do you look so sad?

 Everybody was watching Mr G.


 And Mr G was watching them, too.

Maybe a conversation is going on?

 Mr G finished the food.

See you again, Mr G!


Connie said...

Hahaha..Tabs interviewing Mr G for a club membership!

Hazwani said...

Mr G has a sad look in his eyes...hmm

BlackieAsh said...

Tabitha looks so grown up now compared to last time. And Mr G is so sweet as well. Hope he can get along well with the clan