Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun in the sun...with Mr Gorilla?

Ever since we netted our gate to prevent Bobby from accidentally slipping out when he goes for his daily walks in the garden, Mr Gorilla had stopped visiting our garden. It was a little sad, though, 'coz the old guy is a harmless chap who just wanted to make friends with our cats (and in the process, was also destroying our rock garden..ha ha).

But, how can anyone keep a cat out for too long, right?

Take a look at this morning's episode....

 Mr Gorilla is back for a visit!

 Guess who is at the frontlines of the welcoming committee?

Why, it's none other than Tabs!

Yes, our friendliest cat, to man and feline, and I trust, even to canine, if given a chance. Really, Tabs plays hosts to everyone who comes to the house. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are, Tabs will be there to greet you and welcome you with open arms (paws?), which is a bit worrying, because if she gets out onto the road, she'll probably just go to the first person who comes along.

 Mr Gorilla is taking to Tabs, between the grape plant, and Tiger is closeby on standby mode.
Or, maybe, he's just curious?

 You can't see Tabs, but it's her. Mr Gorilla even parted the leaves to touch noses with Tabs. Aww...

 Cow lurks and watches closely...

 I managed to tiptoe close enough to take the photos above without alerting Mr Gorilla, until....oops, he saw me and scuttled away....

But he did look back before leaving the garden. I hope he knows we do welcome him to our garden.

 Bobby's out for his morning walk.




 This is the rock garden Mr Gorilla keeps destroying. Notice the cat-mat placed strategically to prevent him from trampling on the flowers? hasn't worked 100%, but it helps.

 Two mornings ago, I suddenly heard a sound in the living room in the wee hours of dawn...

I went to investigate and saw a dark shadow at the window, scratching on the grille.


 It was Shadow, Mr Gorilla's friend.

And moments ago, I heard a loud thud must be one of them. I grab my camera....

 This is Mr Ginrella.

 He's as big as Mr Gorilla.

 Cleo watching closely....on the look out.

Mr Gorilla has two friends - they are of the same size and shape, but of a different colour. There's Mr Ginrella (who is ginger) and Shadow, who is black. Every evening, when you see my cats freeze suddenly and look up on the ledge, it's one of them walking past on their evening sojourn. It happens every day... Mr Gorilla walks the morning shift, Mr Ginrella the late afternoon and Shadow, at night. It must be some colour coding at work here...

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