Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mr G is not afraid anymore!

I came home quite late tonight, after giving a talk at the local temple. And as usual, the gang asked for a supper snack when I came home. Soon after supper, the gang went to the Clubhouse and it looked like our guest had come again...

 Yes, it is Mr G!

Hi there, Mr G....oh, I haven't offered you a snack all day, hang on, please.

Today, I cooked for the gang, so everyone had a home-cooked meal and they enjoyed it. So, Mr G gets a home-cooked meal as well, and he enjoyed it as well. As usual, he dare not eat in front of you, he'd wait politely until you are not watching before he starts eating. The old chap has good manners.

Today, Mr G wasn't scared anymore. He came towards me when he saw me, and I think he looked happy and excited.  Previously, he would move away as he wasn't sure whether I was friendly or not. I'm glad he is no longer afraid now.

 And when Tabs come, he would stop eating and wait.

 Then, he continues eating.

 Suddenly there was a loud noise at the pantry.

Oh dear, Bobby had got half his body stuck inside the litter box and knocked over the dustbin.

By the time I settled everything here, guess what I saw at the Stargate?

 Someone had pushed the little cover from the outside back under the gate, into the inside!

Now, who could have done that?

Either Mr G himself (how well-mannered is he!) or Tabs, trying to be helpful?

 I'll never know!


jenny said...

I have been reading your post, and I especially like reading about what's happening in your bunny house.
Mr. G seems such a gentlemen, and especially clever too ( I'd like to think of it that way)

Leili said...

Just wanna ask how long is normal barking for dogs? we just moved to a new house and there are neighbours who have dogs but in one of the houses there are two dogs which bark madly! about 2-3 hrs continuously and it repeats several time a day. Is it normal? Despite annoying voice I a worry they are in bad condition but I can't check them and the grills are so closed that there is no view to the inside. I wanted to call SPCA but first wanna check if it is normal barking and howling long time? I don't have dog experience, if it was a cat I could say something ;)

chankahyein said...

It could be all day, if the dog is unhappy. And it could be due to various reasons, too.

Connie said...

I've a neighbor with a Shihzhu. The dog bark continuously at night & again in the morning. The owner confine the dog in a cage & let her go by herself in the morning to poo-poo. Sometimes it's difficult to understand - when the Shihzhu was a puppy I saw them love the dog so much, bring it around, play with it, etc etc. Now, maybe they tired of the dog already :(

Leili said...

so what do you suggest? considering the fact that there are two dogs in that house, the reason can be punishment by the owner that can make them produce strange and messy noises.Should I call SPCA?

chankahyein said...

I suggest you find out the consequences of reporting the case first, so that you are aware of what would happen to the dogs once a report goes in. Then, if you are prepared to accept the consequences, you do what you feel is right. Another option is to speak with your neighbour and see if an amicable solution can be found.

Huey said...

My very own experience is that, the dogs are probably frustrated, in a sense that they probably haven't been given exercises and discipline. My own GR used to bark like mad for 3 hours straight (thank goodness we had a good neighbour), and we couldn't figure out how to calm her down. After giving her daily exercise and discipline, she doesn't even bark much now. Poor dogs probably just need a way to release all their energy!

Then again, it would depend on the tone of the barking too. You can tell if they are being abused or tortured, or they are being frustrated from the way they bark.

Connie said...

@Leili. I too have dogs & they bark while playing, at the scavenger truck, at the stranger walk pass the house, etc etc. We apologize to the neighbors for the noises they making all the time. The neighbors reply was they glad that we have dogs who's alert all the time, considering the facts that there are many theft incident lately in my neighborhood.
In fact, twice my dogs manage to alert one of the neighbor who's Toyota hilux about to be hijacked.

I agreed with Huey, try to listen how the dogs barking tone, you will now whether it actually a happy barking or otherwise. Before you access the situation, I hope you will not report to the authority. Reason being if actually there weren't any abuse going on, the authority still take the dogs away & I suppose you know what will be the fate of the dogs after that.