Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An after-dinner guest...

This morning, as I was about to leave for work, I suddenly noticed a fairly large animal (not sure if it was a dog or a cat) walking past my Bunny-Grille. I quickly took a peek and guess who it was?

 Yay! It was Mr G!

He must have come in from the front windows (or from upstairs, I'm not sure) and he seemed a bit loss. Actually, I think he was a little embarrassed that he had come into my house without a proper invitation because he was actually trying very hard to get out.

I didn't want him to feel bad, so I quickly placed a bowl to kibble as a "welcoming sign" for him. But Mr G was a little frantic and was trying to get back outside. He stood up and tried the dining room door to the patio, but that was locked. He tried the living room windows, but our shears were all down and he could not find a "hole" to get out. Poor guy...

I didn't want to go too near for fear of frightening him and getting him into panic mode, so I just watched from afar.

 He went into the kitchen, too, and scratched at the netting.

Finally, Mr G scuttled upstairs and then, he was gone. He must have got out through the bedroom windows and taken the "roofways" back to his house.

This evening, we were having dinner....

 Bobby was the last to finish, as usual, as he has to be handfed and Cow & Bunny were accompanying him.

The normal routine is to lounge at the Clubhouse and gaze through the Stargate after dinner...

 Hello there...and you are....?

 It's Mr G!!

Yay...welcome, sir. Welcome!!

 Pole watching from a distance.


 As usual, who is the perfect host at the frontlines?

 I slid some food out. Could only manage this small cover as the slit underneath was too narrow for any other bowl to go out.

 Mr G, I must say, has impeccable manners. He didn't dare eat until he was properly invited to do so.

My, my....what a gentleman he is.

 Shh...I think he was just a little shy.

 He only ate after I pushed the cover (with kibble) out further, away from Tabs' reach.

 Cleo hissed at poor Mr G and he was afraid....

No, Cleo, no! That's not very nice. Mr G is our guest for the evening.

 Almost done.

 Waste not, want not.

 ...and he licked the platter clean.

 I've seen the world, folks...been there, done that.

 After the snack, Mr G took his leave.


 Bye, Mr G!  See you again soon?

You're most welcome to come visit us again.



Peggy Quah said...

Ya, thats so nice he needed company la..

Megaa said...

Mr.G is gonna be a regular visitor then :)

Dawn Tan said...

So sweet...Mr.G looked so bored. He must be so attracted to your loving home. Esp when your cattery looks so attractive even to humans, let alone cats! I love to see pics of your cats in the cattery :D