Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunnies' photos!!! (from Rozita Halim)

Something that cheers me up the most is when adopters send me photos and news of the little kittens I've had the privilege of fostering.

Rozita Halim adoped the Sunnies from me last year, and they have been thriving under her and her family's loving care.

Let's look at some flashback photos first:

 The day they arrived.

A student found them abandoned in a box by the roadside in KL. I blogged for fosterers; there were no takers.

So, they came to me.

 I called them Rex, Fox and Honeybear. Honeybear (the bluepoint) was having epileptic seizures on the first day. The vet said nothing could be done. I held him close to my heart all day, and by that night, the seizures stopped.

Growing up was a ball.

Uncle Bobby looked after them while I was away at work.

The day I announced they were ready for adoption, Rozita Halim was the first to respond. She sounded the perfect adopter. For this, I must thank Punitha for helping me vet the adopters.

 This was the night before the day of the adoption.

 Rex was the closest to me. I entrusted him to look after his brother and sister well.

The adoption day.

And now...Rozita sends their latest photos....



 Look at their absolutely beautiful coats!

 We've grown! Eat, play n sleep on mums dining table every single day :)

Once in a while, when our lucky stars shine on us, we find wonderful adopters like Rozita Halim.

Thank you so much, Rozita!!


melle said...

Wow, the Sunnies are having a good life under Rozita's care. :)

Bern said...

Terima Kasih from the bottom of my heart, Rozita and family!

Sandra said...

Rozita sure love them a lot, they can even nap on the dining table. Cheers to Rozita ;)