Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr G's evening sojourns with the gang

Ever since Bunny stamped his approval, Mr G has been coming every evening for an after-dinner sojourn (where he gets supper) and a friendly get-together with everyone.

Take a look at yesterday's photos:

 Our evening guest has arrived!

 Mr G gets a bowl this time.


 The Chief of Staff is always present.

 Relaxing after the meal.

 Relaxing, too.

No words need to be spoken. That's how we cats hang out.

Mr G's our friend. 

Yes, Tiger, we know.

That's how we should treat our guest...with good neighbourliness.

Tonight, after dinner:

 The gang awaits eagerly for Mr G's visit.

This time, I just left the bowl of food outside, and Mr G came on his own...and ate.

 The Fish Pose?

 Almost clean.


Catherina said...

Mr. G's fish pose is so cute.. Bunny and the gang were such a good host.

BlackieAsh said...

Chief of Staff is getting fatter and fatter,hihihi, so cute! Good for Mr G to have friends to hang around (eventhough separated by a gate)

Choy Foong said...

wish there was a "like" button! do you belong to all of them? :)

mk said...

Very lucky gang - contented and well loved. Sadhu Dr Chan!