Friday, March 30, 2012

Indy strikes back!

When Indy was younger (and being the youngest cat most of the time, unless we had fosters), he was at times, bullied by the infamous Cow & Bunny.

A few days ago, Indy struck back!

I caught Indy fluffing himself up and terrorising Cow. And it seemed to be working...Cow was afraid.

Now, what's going on and what's the issue here?

 Indy driving Cow out of the room.

 See Indy's fluffed-up tail?

 Indy chased Cow all the way to the Clubhouse....

 And sat on top, to claim victory.

 This went on for two days...Cow wasn't allowed to come into the room.

And while this was going on, I noticed something else, there was no urine spraying in the room!

So, we figured Indy was stopping Cow from spraying....?

Attaboy, Indy!

This tree trunk bench has been the biggest victim of Cow's urine sprays. We thought we'd ask the shop to wax it, but the waxing had not been too effective, and to make things worse, I had not noticed that Cow had been happily spraying on this leg until there were droplets "raining" down the entire side of the leg. We had to sandpaper it to remove all the droplet stains. Luckily the stains could be removed.

But during the two days that Indy struck back and chased Cow out, there were no urine sprays anywhere in the room and that saved me LOTS of wiping.

Good boy, Indy!

Indy's helping mum.

 Feeling a bit grouchy?

 And why are you also looking so grouchy?

 Well, I want to be boss, too. 

Can I be boss?  


Chen said...

FUNNY! The picture of Indy sitting on top with Cow at the bottom is priceless. Welcome to the Boss Game!

Connie said...

Hahaha... KY, can I ask Indy to come over to my house & tell off my boys Ben, Austin, Potato & uncle Pluto to stop spraying the bench too? :)

Bernice said...

There has been a change of power in my household as well...The youngest has now become pseudo boss and the previous bullier is now walking on tippy toes all the time. Funny days :)

Joy E. Saga said...

There is a hierarchy (sort of) which we humans shouldn't interfere with ... like you always say, Cat Politic. At my home, Kat and Yasmin takes turn to whack each other. Pedro the sweet one cannot get along with Faith. Hope likes everyone but Kat doesn't like him.. Maori likes to play but coz he's so big, Kat and Faith are afraid of him. It's never a dull moment when you have furkids at home :-)