Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr G wants to come in!

Mr G coming for supper is a daily affair now.

But this evening, it's more than just wanting supper.

Mr G now wants to come INTO Bunny's Place!

 This means Mr G is here.

 This evening, Mr G had homecooked food and as you can see, he polished it all up.

 I'm able to get so close to him now.



 This is Round Two (Go! kibbles).

 Chief of Staff wants to be friends.

 Everyone wants to be friends, really, but Bunny let out his war-cry again today...sigh.


 Now, Mr G clearly indicates that he wants to come inside.



 He's not giving up. He WANTS to come in.


 The moment I go peek at him, he gets up from his Fish Pose and comes to the Stargate, meowing somewhat pitifully.

I better leave him alone....

Can't let him in, or he might not want to go home!

Mr G has a home. He lives diagonally behind my house. And he has his cat-friends too. I've seen Ginrella and Shadow (both of the same size as he) and the Snow White sisters.

We welcome him for supper every night, but I don't think we can let him in. Wouldn't want the neighbour to misunderstand.

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BlackieAsh said...

Mr G wants to join the family. He looks unkempt,poor him. Does he well taken care of by the owner? Hope so...