Monday, March 26, 2012

Indy meets Mr G...up on the roof?

 I found Indy up on the ledge, ON the cat-trap this morning...

 He was trying to get onto the roof, and guess who was on top?


 Yes, it was Mr G!

 A chit-chat up there?

 This evening, Mr G came really early.

My husband observed him coming in. Apparently, his route is to come from his house, walk along the ledge all the way to the front, jump onto our dustbin compartment, then, get ready for this...he actually walks along our walkway, not on the grass, but on where humans walk, and comes in confidently all the way to the Stargate where his hosts would be waiting. For them, Mr G's visit is probably the highlight of the evening.


 Today he had freshly stewed homecooked chicken stew.

 And later, he had kibbles.

He is still there now, chilling with the gang.

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