Sunday, March 18, 2012

To Let : Bunny’s Apartments

It’s strange how Bunny started almost instantly to act like a “big boss” when we moved in here. Could it be due to the fact that he knew I called this cat-space “Bunny’s Place”?

Maybe he received the vibes. Cats’ sixth sense is just so super strong and sensitive.

Welcome to my apartments.
This is the parking lot (ground).

Bunny’s favourite is Apartment 2a.

Now Pole’s at 1b. But she is nomadic, having lived in “many places” in the past 5 years.

Here’s Pole at 2a.

And good ol’ Bunny Bun Bun’s takes the armchair and lets Pole have his favourite apartment.

Tabs gets to use it too, at times.

Cow on guard at the window, in case intruders come in.

I don’t mind the parking lot, really.

I’m a good boy.

Indy just wants to be near me, on my table.

Bobby doesn’t get to use the Apartments, so the cats take turns to accompany him.

A moment in time.

Tiger’s favourite is still his baby basket which has practically burst!

Two days ago, I moved the armchair and ottoman upstairs because there is so little furniture upstairs, there is actually echo when we talk! This house may be a little bigger than the old one, but I’m still a minimalist. Also, with the rattan and cushions, it is a lot of work to clean up after Cow (who still sprays!). So, we moved this tree trunk bench into the room. I thought since everybody fights to sit on my chair, which is a 23 year-old nyatoh kentucky chair (which is a hard surface), they might like this tree trunk bench). So far, only Cleo has claimed a place, that even then, it’s under the bench, not on it.

I’m happy here…ain’t going no where.

 This is the life.


Bern said...

LUV the apartment! :)

Rozita Halim said...

haaa .. i remember that basket .. when i saw the pic of the burst basket, tea burst from my mouth .. was laughing away !! LOL

chankahyein said...

Yes, the Sunnies took that basket and Tiger was...quite mad! First time ever he got mad in his entire life!