Sunday, March 18, 2012

Indy Plays With Tabs

Tabs, being the youngest, doesn’t quite have a playmate, so she would always be hoping someone would play with her.

I mean, yes, we have balls with bells and feathers, and catnip toys, but nothing beats having a kitty playmate to play with.

I suppose being a member of Tabby Inc., Tiger played with Tabs sometimes.

Recently, Indy decided he’d play with Tabs.

The two have been playing “catch me if you can” for many days now, dashing from the room to the garden, back and forth. They play at the cat-tree as well.

And at other times….




Indy was grooming Tabs.



Connie said...

Its official! Indy has adopted Tabs as his lil' cute

Bern said...

Always a happy sight to see acceptance and love amongst our brood.:)