Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tabs plays with Diva!

This evening, Mary brought Diva for a visit.

As you know, Diva was returned by her adopter because the adopter's cat bullied Diva. Yesterday, we publicised Diva for re-adoption and as of last night, one of our readers has already "booked" Diva and Mary will be bringing Diva to her house tomorrow morning. We hope all goes well.

 Indy heads the welcoming committee this time.


 Aww...she's smaller than what she looks like in her photos.




 Sitting on Ming-Yi's lap.

 Er...where are you going, Indy?

 Come, play with Tabs...


 This is our cat-tree, Diva. You can play on it.

 Er..not like that. You're supposed to scratch here, but it's ok.

 This is a little coffee table we just got for the room. And in the background, is the cats' new bench. We've moved the old rattan furniture upstairs now.

 Playing with the catnip p-low.


 Bobby, by habit, sleeps next to the carrier. That is what he has done the last 6 years - look after all the kittens I've brought back. So even now that he is blind, he still does his "keeping vigil" duty. Good old Uncle Bobby! He will turn 16 years old this October. That would be 80 in human years.

 The two play, up and down, and all around.


If all goes well tomorrow, Diva will be adopted into a lovely home.

We wish Diva a great life filled with lots of love, many friendly feline brothers and sisters to play with and a wonderful adopter who'd love her to bits!


Alicia said...

In the 6th picture Tabs(?) seems to be saying "Err...Indy what are you trying to do?". I'm surprised Indy managed to turn her body around to face the door.

chankahyein said...

Yes, ha ha. BTW, Indy is male. Why, he's named after the legendary Indiana Jones!! Of course he can turn around and also turn any situation around!

Alicia said...

Sorry for was a typo. >.<

chankahyein said...

ha ha. No worries at all. We've seen TWO more Indy look-alikes who are female!