Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bunny stamps his approval and Mr G returns!!

Ever since the night Bunny let out his war cry at the Stargate, Mr G had not dared to come down for food.

 Every time I feed my brood, he would be mewing, either on the roof or on the ledge.

 Yes, day and night.

I was quite sad that Mr G didn't dare come down for food at the Stargate anymore. But my husband said it's all about cat politics. Bunny has made the rule, and this is Bunny's territory and Mr G, as gentlemanly as he is, has to obey. That's the way it is with cats. Hmm...why isn't it the same with humans, you'd wonder....

 Last night, the brood lounged at the clubhouse after dinner.

 From the kitchen, I thought I spotted a glimpse of Mr it Mr G??

YES!!  Mr G is back!!

Hooray! I rushed to the clubhouse and quickly brought some kibbles.

 Eat up, my friend, eat up!

 The whole gang sort of welcomed Mr G back....that was so nice.

 Chief of welcoming committee, Tabs.

 This is the cat-tree from Pooi Ling. She said her cats prefer the sofa...ha ha.

Thanks, Pooi Ling. My cats do play with it.

 A close-up of the old chap.

 The big boss looks on, no war cries this time.

 Cleo is not the youngest, but she would always have this baby face.

By the way, I call this the "Gopher Pose".

 All watching Mr G eat.




  Mr G took his leave after the meal (er..he had three helpings, he seemed very hungry).

Tonight, the brood immediately went to the Stargate after dinner.

 I think they were waiting for Mr G.


 No Mr G?

For the past few days, I've been hearing the back neighbour shoo someone away in a rather angry tone. I think maybe Mr G, Mr Ginrella and Shadow had jumped down to their garden and got shoo-ed away.

This evening, I heard very angry shoo-ing again.

Sigh...why do I seem to attract back neighbours who don't like animals? But I know they used to keep cats and rabbits before we moved in. The last I heard, they had given away all their pets.

I'm glad all my cats are confined this time.

Let's hope Mr G comes again.


Pooi Ling said...

Glad that your cats like it. I'll send you a pix of my sofa, just to let you see how well my cats love it....

Bernice said...

I have neighbours who don't like animals as well...The angry shooing...So much anger over something so small and little. Nvm..Just need a few or perhaps many more cycles of rebirth to come to that realization that humans can indeed live peacefully with the presence of animals.