Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bunny the dogherd

I didn't manage to take a video of this, but it was just so, so cute...

 Bobby was banging his head on the grille, trying to get out and the cats didn't quite know what to do.

Until, Bunny came to the rescue.

He went in front of Bobby, placed his ample-sized body between Bobby and the grille so that Bobby would bang into his body instead and then, he butted Bobby with his head until Bobby backed away from the safety.

Gosh, it was so cute, it reminded me of the days back in the old house last year when Bobby first became blind. Bunny and Tiger took on the task of buffering him from knocking into walls by placing themselves (both amply-sized) between him and the wall or furniture so that Bobby would bump into them instead.

 Bunny, the hero!

 Oblivious to the whole episode.

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