Friday, November 1, 2013

When it rains....

It rained so heavily this afternoon.

Unlike dogs who might like to play in the rain, most of the cats would be scared of the rain...


Top on the list of rain-induced scaredy cats is...Cow Mau.

This is his "rain shelter", it's behind the door.


Mother-and-daughter, Pole and Cleo, hide under the bench.


Bunny is not afraid.


Tiger is, and he shares the bench with Pole and Cleo.

Whenever it rains, you will find all three of them here.


What rain??


Tabs is afraid too. She was playing outside, but quickly scampered back into the room where she knows she'd be safe.


Bunny has been moulting, or perhaps, due to his being FIV+, he is balding. The vet could not figure it out, but we figured since it's not life-threatening, it's best not to fix things. Balding isn't so bad. And it's only on his ears and the lower part of his body, especially on his buttocks.


What rain??


A free "who's afraid of the rain?" counseling in session.


Cow is next in line (for the free counseling session), if he can get out of his rain shelter, that is.

Meanwhile, outside...


Mother-and-son, Daffodil and Ginger, take cover under the dining table.


Rosie hides under a side table.


What rain??

Storm troopers fear nothing.


I've got enough "mass" to protect me from anything, rain or shine!

Food? Did someone say "food"?


Heidi's rain shelter in the kitchen.


Isn't she cute?

Heidi is a spayed cat, estimated to be about 7-8 years old and has lost practically all her teeth. She also has a small hernia, but best to be left untouched as it isn't giving her any problems. She came to our gate one morning, a few months ago, and waited. Before that, we had never seen her before. From her behaviour, she was most definitely a pet before as she is not afraid of humans at all. Even when the grass-cutters come to mow our lawn, the rest of the patio cats run away but Heidi remains and hangs out with the grass-cutters!

mini-PA310196During this rainy season, everyone gets 3 meals a day as they get hungry very quickly (due to the cold weather).

Mr Zurik comes later in the evening.

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Dayana said...

heidi is very cute!