Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hi there, Willy!

As I went cycling today, Willy was at the playground (as he always is).

mini-PB020165 mini-PB020167

Hi Willy!!

As I passed by the houses on Willy's road, I saw Alex (the cream coloured visitor). He was coming out from one of the houses (which I suspect is also Willy's house). Aha....good to know that he has a home.


Later, I spotted this cat. He looks like Alex, but could be a sibling too.

mini-PB020174 mini-PB020176

The entire playground is Willy's playground!

He appeared to be looking for something.



mini-PB020179 mini-PB020180 mini-PB020181 mini-PB020182

Heidi at the basketball court.

mini-PB020189 mini-PB020185

Willy was licking from a pool of rainwater.

mini-PB020190 mini-PB020192

He finally came towards me after I had finished my cycling.

Only then did I figure it all out. His owner must have gone for a holiday (like last time).


Willy was hungry.


I spotted a small abrasion on the side of his body, but it didn't look serious, so best to let it heal on its own.

And it figures now, Alex was probably hungry too, so he came looking for food.

But I am glad he has a home.

Currently, none of the cats in my small neighbourhood is impoverished. They all have homes and those who don' in my patio!


Faizati said...

Pardon me for saying so, but how could anyone just leave their cats to fend for themselves whenever they are away (for whatever reasons). The problem with many of us is that we love animals and claim to be animal lovers but dont really care very much about responsible pet ownership.... :(

Bern said...

Agree with you Faizati...Would one leave their children to fend for themselves? But humans nowadays...Capable of much inhuman acts.