Thursday, November 7, 2013

How deep is your greed, Timmy?!!

Every morning, if I do not feed the Patio Family before 6am, Rosie would usually miss breakfast as she hangs out with her friends at the Pavilion and waits for Francis' breakfast.

So, usually Rosie would only come back at around 7.30am and sometimes, would ask for a little bit of breakfast, as did she this morning.

This is always a problem as the rest of the Patio Family would, by then, have "conveniently" forgotten that they have had breakfast earlier (at 6am) and everyone would surround the "lucky one" (in this case, it's Rosie) and all would look at me as though I'm the most cruel person on earth, ie. "How could you only feed Rosie, what about us??"

And there is no way I would be able to "remind" them that they have had a hearty breakfast about one-and-a-half hours ago.

So, it's either I play dumb (and "cruel") or I give in and everyone else gets a few kibbles as snacks.

Usually, it's the latter.

Today, it's the former. That's because everyone else had a really hearty breakfast this morning, including Mr Zurik. And too much is really enough.

So, Rosie had her breakfast in the kitchen. I was hoping the rest wouldn't know but of course that's pure wishful thinking. They would be able to smell food from kilometres away. Or, hear me pouring out the food. Or, opening the food container.

So, instantly, practically everyone (except Daffodil and Heidi) surrounded Rosie and looked at me with those accusing eyes.

I'm quite used to it so it's quite alright.

But one cat, in particular, was hard to restrain, from antagonising poor Rosie into giving up her food.

I had to scoop the hard-to-restrain cat and put him on the kitchen island...


...and restrain him, with the help of good ol' reliable Vincent Stormtrooper.


It was no easy task. He is a strong cat.

"Hold them by the scruff of the neck", my vet always reminded me. It works like a charm. Well, yes, it does work.


So while Rosie ate her breakfast, Vincent helped me restrain the "hard-to-restrain" one (Timmy!) and Ginger sits close by.

You see, not all cats are greedy. Ginger behaves himself and does not stuff himself silly.

Finally, Rosie finished and left two kibbles behind.

Waste not, want not. I put the two kibbles outside at the patio for poor, "hungry" (greedy) Timmy.


But wait...

Timmy only managed to eat one kibble, leaving one as the matriarchy Heidi approached.


"That's for me," says the matriarchy one.


Rosie, you don't want it, do you?

Both cats stared at that one single kibble, Timmy trying his best to out-stare Heidi, but...


He finally lost and moved away.

And Heidi got the last kibble!

You've got to give it to Heidi. She's the only one who can control Timmy's greedy hunger urges.


Silly cats!


jasmine ong said...

Timmy says: "Old habits die hard. I just can't help it where good food is concerned ... yum! Well, I live to eat, you know"

I feel putting Timmy in the cage is good so that Rosie can eat her breakfast in peace. He can only be let out after the bowl is taken away. Don't fall for his muka kesian look :) He's too fat for his own good.

chankahyein said...

Yes, I should have just locked him in the cage! I fell for the "kesian" look as he's already caged up every day during meal times and Rosie's was after their breakfast.

Chen said...

All that drama over 2 itsy bitsy kibbles!!!

chankahyein said...

Actually, one only!!