Thursday, November 14, 2013

The vanquished

We're not imagining it, Willy has really become the king of the road now.

This morning, he sat on his throne again, and after breakfast, he chased Heidi from the basketball court back to our porch. Then, later, he chased Daffodil back from the road to the porch and made sure she stayed in the porch. He had been seen chasing Daffodil back some days ago too.

Two nights ago, Tabs escaped and went out of the gate for a night-romp. Little did we know Willy was around (don't know where!) and Willy blocked Tabs from advancing further. Then, Willy and Ginger both chased Tabs back to the house. Orange power?!!

It's almost unbelievable, but true.

Willy is now the new king of the road.

And he is VERY fierce. Even does the "sideways" aggression.

It is almost like this: Since I cannot come into your porch, you shall not come onto MY road. And this may not be a bad thing after all as I've been trying to find a way to stop the Patio Family from going out of the porch anyway.

Now, Willy will do the job for me, in exchange for a snack twice a day.

What a small price to pay!

Here are the vanquished:



What "vanquished"? I'm not vanquished. I'm the Food Arsenal Marshall. I never leave my sentry post. 


Tabs is usually out of the room because she is so afraid of the alphas. Tiger plays with her, so both of them are out of the room at certain times of the day.

After hours of playing, they will ask to be let back into the room!

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