Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Cow vs Timmy episodes

It happens on a daily basis now.

Yes, Timmy comes frequently to the Stargate to either:

A. Taunt/Annoy Cow & Bunny.

B. Make friends with Cow & Bunny.

C. None of the above as we don't really understand what cats are up to and we should not anthropomorphise.

To us humans, it seems like it's option (A) as Cow works himself up to a frenzy and screams at Timmy thereby scaring everyone else in Bunny's Place.

Yesterday was a typical scene...

It was a hot day and everyone was enjoying the sunshine (after days and days of rain).

mini-PB040044 mini-PB040045

As alpha as they are, only one cat is allowed inside the condo at any one time.


This is Cleo in the rattan trunk.

mini-PB040047 mini-PB040048

The Cow Family (plus Tiger) gets to enjoy the trunk.

mini-PB040049 mini-PB040050

Bunny decides it's a good sunny day for a good scratch.


Only Tabs preferred indoors.

The rest were out in the sun.

Suddenly, I heard a most horrible cat-fight scream.

I rushed out and it was Cow screaming at Timmy. Cow was all fluffed up but Timmy was looking at him through the Stargate as though he was just making a social visit and saying "hi".

I had to break up the "fight" (one-sided fight?) as the rest of the cats had run into the room to seek cover except...Cleo.

I could not find Cleo.

Oh my gosh....where is Cleo??


I shooed Timmy away and Cow walked back towards the room.

But Cleo was gone! Disappeared into thin air!

I looked all over...

mini-PB040053 she is!!

This afternoon, there was another episode of Cow vs Timmy. It happened in the same way. Everyone fled into the room except Cleo. This time Cleo was hiding in the flower bed and she was quite well camouflaged!

Uh-oh...I hear screaming at the Stargate again right we go again!

Thank goodness for the Stargate or the Patio Cats won't stand a chance against the Titans. I'm not quite sure of Cow, Bunny and Indy's ancestry but they are titans alright!

So, if anyone wants proof that neutering does not make remove a tomcat's territorial behaviour, come take a look at Cow, Bunny and Indy!


Chen said...

No pic of Timmy with his "Hi!" face? *sad Timmy Fan Club member*

chankahyein said...

Too busy pacifying Cow! Timmy had already run away, probably sniggering "Nyeh heh heh....I did it again!"