Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A surprise visit!

Today, we were most pleasantly surprised to receive a visitor!


It's Donovan!

He's back for a visit from Australia while Bernice takes care of their cats back home. When you have companion animals (who are like your own children), taking separate holidays is an option. I mean, think about it, how do you explain to your animals that you are "going on a holiday" and will be back for them soon? They wouldn't understand that at all. And each day when they don't see either one of you, they will worry and wonder "Have we been abandoned?". Can you live with that on your mind as you "enjoy" your holiday? I can't, so I can totally understand why Don and Bern take separate holidays.

Bernice and Donovan were our volunteers at events back when they resided here in Malaysia. We sure miss them a lot!


Bern and Don were keeping tabs on Tabs when she was hospitalised a few weeks ago. Tabs sure had everyone sitting on the edge of their seat during those few days!


You'll know if a person is a cat-person.

Cow is the acid test!


This lovely and very useful bag is from Bernice. Thank you, Bern!

Animals Australia is working very hard to put an end to factory farming.

Imagine a world...without factory farming.

There is so much cruelty in factory farming, folks. Australia is one of the world's largest exporter of live animals. Malaysia is an importer.

Let's eat less meat, shall we?

Towards more peace and harmony to all living beings on earth.

Great to see you, Donovan!


Yen Ling said...

101% agree! Cannot go on a holiday without Jack either. If it is a holiday, it is Jack's holiday. We have our annual holidays with Jack at pet friendly places.

Bern said...

Hope to catch you sometime CNY season next year. I'll be back in Penang, but may make a trip to KL :)

chankahyein said...