Saturday, November 9, 2013

The ongoing Stormtrooper-Russian battles at the patio

After so long, Mr Zurik  still has not given up antagonising Vincent.

But they would only go as far as locking horns (thank goodness!). There is no biting or scratching.


If I hear the aggression, I would break it up before it got worse, and Mr Zurik will be asked to go home.


Vincent never fails in his duty to protect the home.


When is he going to learn? 


Daffodil plays it safe when the two lock horns.

She is on high ground.


We're not involved in any fight.



Do you see the shrew?

Mr Zurik could have left a spy behind...


He must be gathering intel.

And no one noticed him because of the camouflage.


Until Timmy spots him and gives chase.

Timmy is quite a hunter, but so far, all shrews have managed to escape. They are all members of the KGB-Shrew Squad, trained by Mr Zurik.


Do not disturb.



Willy is back for meals twice a day.

He just waits across the gate and somehow, he'll make sure I know he is there.


He looks good, but was very hungry yesterday.

He had three helpings yesterday and was here again this morning. I haven't seen Udi ever since the holidays ended. His owner must have come back.

There was a roadkill this morning, not far from our house. It was a musang (civet cat). I've occasionally noticed this civet cat wandering around. The poor musang was probably knocked down by a vehicle. I remember hearing a very fast car pass by late last night.

Fast cars are one of street animals' greatest fear. Ours too, because we worry for the animals' safety. Nothing justifies driving dangerously on the road. I have seen fast cars zooming at breakneck speed in housing estates. Unless one is rushing to save a life, nothing justifies driving so fast inside a housing estate, or anywhere for that matter. In any case, nothing justifies driving dangerously with no consideration for other beings.

May the musang be in a better realm now.

May all street animals be safe.


Chen said...

It's a delight to see Mr. G again after a long lapse. He looks so sweet and cute here.

And as for Timmy ... sigh ... all I can think of is the song from The Sound of Music with a change of lyrics to become "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Timmy?"

chankahyein said...

A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

freyia said...

Vincent is so adorable.