Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catnip pillows are available again!

This time we are sewing them ourselves as we had an order of 20 pillows!

We wish to thank Hooi Bin for contributing the silvervine leaves and powder as well as the catnip powder. Each product has a different cat attractant so we are using all as fillers inside the pillows for maximum attraction! Thank you, Joy, for posting the consignment to us.

pic 1

The silvervine and catnip from Hooi Bin. My mum sewed the pillows.

pic 2

Ginger  and Vincent took turns to play and went absolutely gaga over it.

At least they took turns in an orderly fashion...

pic 3

Inside, a fight broke out between Cleo and Cow over the pillow, with Bunny finally monopolising it. Indy went crazy over it, as usual.

mini-PB200029 - Copy

 If you'd like to order, please write to me at

The pillows are priced at RM15 each (by donation) and the cloth may differ from batch to batch.

Poslaju charges is RM6 per delivery. If your order is bigger, please write in to enquire about the postal charges as we may have to use a box to pack it and Poslaju charges by volumetric weight.

All donations go entirely to our Fund for the animals.


Nicole Lee said...

Hi Dr Chan,

I would like to order 1pc, how to make payment? Thank you.

Best regards,

chankahyein said...

Dear Nicole, Please write to me at to order. Thank you.