Saturday, November 9, 2013

How deep is your greed, Timmy (Part 2)

The Chitosan isn't working on Timmy anymore.

He is already on a food reduction diet and he eats inside the cage, but I don't see him shedding the pounds. Maybe in between meals, he has been snacking elsewhere?

In any case, sometimes there are three feeding times over at the patio because Rosie, Heidi and Mr Zurik come in later than the rest.

Yesterday, Mr Zurik came late for dinner.

But since he dines on top of the cage, I thought there was no need to cage Timmy up.


I was wrong.


So Timmy got carried down immediately before he guzzled up everything.


And had to be caged up while Mr Zurik ate.


And Mr G looked on.

Mr Zurik did not finish his food, so it was offered to Mr G.

The mistake was letting Timmy out too soon.




Back into the cage, you greedy one.

mini-PB080046 mini-PB080048

He hunts for more food.


This time, he could not heave himself up.

The cage did not topple too.


Then Heidi also came in late and had to dine privately in the kitchen.

But this time, Timmy was in the cage throughout.


Any scent of food does not escape the greedy one.

No, no more food, Timmy.

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Akmar said...

Pic No. 5 - Mr. G: Why...why did you let him do this to me..? Me want some food too.. (muka kesian) ;)