Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feeding Willy and Udi

I've decided to call the creamy-white cat "Udi" instead of Alex. Somehow, Udi has a nicer ring to it. And it's also rare.

Willy was waiting for dinner this evening...


While Willy isn't afraid of me due to our past acquaintance...


Udi is.

And yet I could sense he must be really hungry to have dared to venture this far from home and come close enough for me to notice him.


Yes, he was really, really hungry.


He had THREE helpings.

mini-20131102_174458Vincent watched them eat.


Willy was not as hungry as I had fed him breakfast this morning.

mini-20131102_174527 mini-20131102_174623 mini-20131102_174659

Poor Udi was so very hungry.


Oh no! It's Mr Zurik making a war cry!

mini-20131102_174726 mini-20131102_174738

Willy moved away when Mr Zurik came.


Finally, Udi had had enough and he too moved away.

mini-20131102_174927 mini-20131102_174951

Mr Zurik ate up the remnants of Willy's food.

mini-20131102_175001 mini-20131102_175011

I wonder when their owner will be back.

Perhaps Tuesday, since it's a public holiday.

Looks like I'll be feeding Willy and Udi for the next few days.

Luckily they are smart enough to come here for food. AND to make me know what they need!

Cats ARE smart, aren't they?

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