Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Timmy's conquests


Timmy eats in the cage for every single meal. When he is let out, he checks out every single available bowl and licks up any bits of scraps he can get. Then, to pacify himself, he drinks water.


Then he proceeds to look for any other possible sources of leftovers.


No food left by Mr Zurik?


But I'm still hungry...


Any scraps here?


It's not fair!!

How do you expect a cat to survive on such meagre meals? What? Are we on food rationing or what? A cat has to eat, you know. 


Maybe if I go into the cage, I will get another meal? 

Maybe mum will forget she has already fed me....he he he...she gets pretty confused sometimes...he he he.


Hello....I'm hungry...Hello...Timmy here. Timmy is hungry....very hungry!

1 comment:

kelly said...

So cute .. anyway most cats are cute. Poor little Timmy wanted "additional" food sooooooooooooo much . But no more "additional" as it is for your own good ( at least we believe to be so ). Keep it up and we all looking forward to see your weight go down ya sweetie Timmy.