Saturday, November 2, 2013

And who might this cutie pie be?


It was breakfast as usual at the patio this morning when I noticed a little face peeking at me from the wall.

It was a whitish cat. A new furry friend on the block.

I've never seen him before.

So I approached him and to offer some food but he fled and as with all cats, they are so fast, you cannot find them at all (if they don't want to be found).

I rushed in to get my camera and...


He came back!



mini-PB010206 mini-PB010207

Cuteness personified!!


But Vincent knew there was an intruder and he was not about to let that happen...




Cuteness sensed danger...


I had to intervene and stop Vincent from chasing Cuteness away.


But Cuteness was gone!


Vincent was hot in pursuit.

I put the bowl of food further out, out of sight of the patio cats...


Er...Mr Zurik benefited from it.


Eh...why are you sticking your tongue out?

That's good food, Mr Zurik!

Oh, you mean, it doesn't have Russian culinary flavours?


The Storm Trooper keeps watch.

Cuteness Personified did not come this evening.

Maybe tomorrow morning?

I hope he is someone's cat, though.

1 comment:

jasmine ong said...

I had a good laugh when I read your caption on the pic of Mr Zurik sticking out his tongue with his eyes closed. Nice ... hahah :)

Cuteness Personified (now known as Udi) is a real cutie alright. Really lucky of him to drop by your home for food while his owner is away these couple of days, Your home dishes out generous helpings of premium meals. Thank you for your subsequent posts on his adventures at your home :)