Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Cuteness" isn't your regular cutie pie...

I pointed out Cuteness to my husband and he said "That's the white cat who whacks Heidi at the basketball court and Heidi is afraid of her".

Hmm....quite a tyrant, it tyrannical that even our Heidi (who herself is a "whacker") is afraid of her?

My husband thinks Cuteness is female.

And we saw Cuteness this evening at the playground...


Hmm....forging some alliance with Timmy?

Maybe Cuteness is male?


Mr Zurik coming in for dinner.

Later in the evening, we saw Cuteness on the road with Vincent. Forging another alliance?

So, Cuteness isn't our regular cutie pet, after all. He (or she) has already made his/her mark at the playground and something is going on.

Since we don't know if he/she is male or female, let's give him/her a gender-free name, Alex.

If she is female, she will be Alexandra Udinov. If male, Alexander Udinov. In any case, it's Alex.

But I sure hope Alex belongs to someone. He/she looks well-fed. I will check with Francis if he feeds him/her or knows his/her background.


Chen said...

What about "Cream crackers?" Nice name too, no? :p

chankahyein said...

Yes, I've used Creamie and Crackers for two rescues before. They were adopted but did not live past one year. Anyway, being the bully that he is, he needs a more "appropriate" name!

Chen said...

Definitely not Kracken!!!

chankahyein said...

Yikes! No....!!!