Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In the jungle, the the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...

And so we think poor Willy is so timid and always being bullied?

Well, think again...

Willy has been coming to the embankment every day, opposite our house, just waiting. He is there every day, twice a day.

Just waiting.

Initially, I thought he was hungry...but no, he's not.

If I offered food, he would just eat...a little bit.

And then, he'll wait. And look.

That's all he does.


Like so.

So, yesterday morning, I met Mukda and I asked if her husband, Francis, had already fed Willy in the morning at the pavilion and she said, yes, Willy ate some food but was more interested in terrorising the other cats at the pavilion.


This orange cat?

Yes, apparently Willy is quite a terror at the pavilion and just yesterday morning, he chased Rosie away. wonder Rosie was back at the patio in the morning with the rest of the cats.

I all adds up now.


So, you are a bit of a terror now, eh, Willy?


And poor you, Rosie.


Later, while I was at work, my husband sent this photograph.

Apparently, Willy was terrorising another bushy cat down the road.


And so...

Is this the new King of the Road, as they say?

The meek shall inherit the earth?


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...

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Connie said...

Zurik : и вы говорите что я террорист! Хех!