Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello there, Wii!!

Wii and Vixey were my rescues way back in 2008. Vixey, a lovely black kitten, was a pygmy (in other words, she was retarded) and had brain degeneration. She lived for two years only. After Vixey passed away, the Cow & Bunny pair chased poor Wii out of the house (into the back alley). Wii lived there quite happily with Tiger as his only friend. Tiger would be in the backyard to accompany him.

Wii was okay until he started mewing whenever he came home for food, and this angered a neighbour tremendously (the whole family did not like the sound of barking or mewing). The neighbour (and his family) shouted obscenities at Wii and even threw things at him.

With a heavy heart, I had to rehome Wii. I tried bringing Wii back into the house, but he was terrified of the Cow & Bunny combo.

Roselin was so kind, she took over Wii from me.

Once Wii entered Roselin's household, a transformation came over him. From the timid, over-bullied cat that he was in my household, Wii became the new "taikor" at Roselin's and started being a big bully. Poor Roselin had a hard time (close to one year) helping Wii adjust. After a few months, Roselin even tried Wii in a new home, but that did not work out, so she took Wii back.

Finally, Wii made friends with an equally crazy dog that Roselin was looking after and the two became the best of friends - a cat who could not get along with other cats and a dog who could not get along with other dogs. An odd couple, so to speak.

It's more than 2 years now, and Wii is doing fine, is well-adjusted and still plays the taikor role in Roselin's community but does not bully anymore. In fact, he calls for breakfast and gets everyone treats! So, he is a "good taikor" now!

Yes, I sit at the breakfast table.

 And yes, I get treats too!

Have a great life, Wii! We'll always think of you fondly. I do miss you muchly!

Thank you so much, Roselin!


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