Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Raven's best friend is Bagheera!


Happy updates from DT:
So happy to inform that Raven is already out of her cage and her best friend for now is Bagheera. They love to play-fight with each other. Raven does not hiss at the other cats now. She has adapted so well. What a rapid and great progress!

Yay! Thank you, DT! At last, Raven has a friend to play with.

A photo of Raven and Bagheera on the day she was rehomed:

Bagheera with blue collar, Raven without.

Raven was growling that day, but now they are the best of friends!


Bern said...

:) Yay to this piece of good news :) Happiness is when the little ones are happy.

Ruzita said...

Yes, made me my day..i miss the updates but really happy she's in a loving home.