Monday, November 19, 2012

More food stories...

 This is my second batch of wheatgrass. So far, so good.

 I purchase it online:

Ever since adding wheatgrass into every meal, I don't see a hairball problem in my cats anymore. And the best thing is, wheatgrass is a source of nutrition and they love it! - yes, all 7 of them too.

 And, everyone is eating raw meat now. I would mix raw meat (with the skin), liver, wheatgrass and cooked veges first...

Then add either...

 Natural Balance, or...


After persevering for several weeks, I have got everyone eating this concoction. Considering what fusspots I have, this is quite an achievement, if I may say so. At least, everyone is eating a bit of raw meat now, plus wheatgrass and veges. Raw meat, on its own - only Bunny and Cleo would eat. Indy, being a little "weird", only eats liver. Er, Indy, you cannot only eat liver, you know. The rest won't touch purely raw meat, so, I decided to make this concoction for everyone.

Once in a while, when I am not in a rush, Bunny and Cleo get their 100% raw meat meals. That would be a real treat for them as they simply love it!

 Bunny eats anything, actually.

 The liver-eating cat, Indy.

 Ms Fusspot No.1.

 Pole has to eat in the condo, as even the slightest noise puts her on red alert.

 When they get tired of the same thing, it's Halo's Liv-a-Littles to the rescue!

You cannot get this in Malaysia, unfortunately. Given once in a while, they go ga-ga over it.

Since it is not easy to get this precious commodity, one can use it thriftily by crushing it into powder and sprinkling it on top of the concoction. But, they still prefer it whole, of course. It all depends on what you use it for - as a treat or as an enticement to eat their food.

It's all thanks to Reena who got her mum to get these two jars from the U.S. Thanks, Reena!

 But if one cat gets Halo, everybody comes...

What about us? 

So, everybody gets it too.

 My cats have decided they prefer to use this patch of soil as a toilet.

 I have four litter boxes prepared. Some still use it, though. They did not like it when I shifted two boxes to a more open space, so I've relocated all four boxes back here. All are cleaned several times a day.

Yet, some still prefer to do it on the soil. Guess the natural way is still preferred.

 And, my heavyweights destroyed the cat-tree this morning!

Bunny, was it you?

Our disclaimer holds.


Joy E. Saga said...

The wheatgrass I plant - at day 3, my cats are already pacing around the covered pot to eat them... i can't plant a pot, I got a plant a garden full for them LOL... :-)

Yen Ling said...

LOL!! had to laugh at the destroyed cat-tree and Bunny's "What?" face.

Connie said...

Bunny say "it wasn't me, it was Cow"

chankahyein said...


Huey said...

My plant wheatgrass for my dogs, both love it. They sometimes get too excited knowing wheatgrass is coming. I bought my wheat berries from organic shop though. Seems to be cheaper + it's organic.

chankahyein said...

I bought a whole pack from the organic shop - none of it grew! Maybe it's me....ha ha.

Huey said...

Haha really?! Mine grew like nobody's business. You soak it first, right?

chankahyein said...

I did. But not a single wheatberry sprouted! These packs that I buy - no need to soak. Just sprinkle on the moist soil and it grows like magic. When I can grow anything, it IS magic. LOL!

Joy E. Saga said...

I get from the organic shop too... u dont need to soak it... same rules apply ... just ensure seed is kept damp until it sprouts :-)