Thursday, November 8, 2012

Raven in her new home!

Connie arrived and we went on our way. Raven was in the carrier on my lap and she was very calm throughout the journey. In fact, she even fell asleep in the carrier.

No orchestra at all.

We arrived after about an hour.

Here's DT with Raven.

 This is Bagheera, also a black beauty whom DT rescued recently. Bagheera is estimated to be about 7 months old, and from the looks of it, Raven is about the same size too. Raven is actually a little more fleshy (thanks to her ravenous appetite!).

 Raven enjoying the sofa.

 Hey Rave, this is your new home now.

 DT's cat trying to make friends, but Raven is a little apprehensive, so she hides under the rack.

 Bagheera wants to be friends too.

 Come out and play, Raven.


This is Diva. Remember her? She's the brave little highway kitten who had clung onto the divider and was rescued by Mary. Diva is a beauty now and is very attached to DT.

 Diva is a little shy.

 This is every new cat's "orientation home" when they first arrive.

They will undergo an "orientation programme" whereby they stay in the cage in the kitchen so that the other house cats can walk pass and get used to the new cat's smell and vice versa. What a great idea!

 This is Kimchi digging into the Monge food. KImchi was abandoned as a kitten and DT rescued her.

 Er...are you Raven or Bagheera?

 This is Raven! That was Bagheera.

The two almost look alike though their faces differ a little. Raven has bigger ears and rounder eyes. But both have long tails which are so, so similar.

 The one with the blue collar is Bagheera.

 Miracle was an injured kitten, rescued by DT not too long ago. When we were about to leave, Miracle hopped onto the carrier! Barter trading?!! Sorry, Miracle, my brood just won't be able to take another new feline friend.

Hey Rave, you be a good girl and be happy here, ok? This will be your lovely new forever home.

 And Bagheera will be your friend.

I cannot thank DT enough for adopting Raven. You know how it is with black cats - not only are they difficult to be adopted, some vets have cautioned me not to simply give away black cats to strangers as there had been cases where black cats were used for black magic.

Thank you very much, DT and also Connie, for driving us there.

 DT sent these photos just now.

Raven is settled, a bit quiet and watching the other cats walk pass her orientation cage. Sweet little Bagheera is keeping her company, sitting beside her cage. One wonders, do cats know that they are the same colour/type?

 Hi Mummy!!

Hi Rave!! You be a good girl now and make lots of new friends.

Have a happy life, Raven!

To Bosco: I have kept my promise, Bosco, Raven is in wonderful home now and under the loving care of a very lovely family.


Maneki Neko said...

3 cheers for DT and her pack o' cats for welcoming Raven!

Joy E. Saga said...

*snif *snif... will miss you too Raven!

Gosh! Diva is such a big gal now... So nice to see that she's doing so well... i still shudder when I think about how she was rescued.

Bern said...

Miss her already! :) But is very comforted to know that she is in a good home.