Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rosie's stories (and Tabs' too!)

Ever since the day Raven was rehomed, Rosie claimed our porch, garden and patio as her territory.

I would find her here when I come home from work.

 This is how a cat claims her territory - she rubs her chin onto whatever she claims as hers.

 During the thunderstorm yesterday, Rosie came into the house, very frightened, but she wasn't comfortable, so she went out again. We don't know where she went, probably to their rain shelter, like where Bosco and Raven used to go to last time. After the rain, she came back, safe and sound, and quite dry too.

 She accompanies my husband every morning, when he does his exercise at the playground.


 I stake my claim.




 You're most welcome to stay here, Rosie.

 My son brought Bunny out, but Rosie started growling.

 And the Bunnyphant was scared.

Cat rules hold. We would have to respect that.

 I hope she has established her territory now. She is most welcomed to stay in our compound where she would be safe.

Ginger comes too, but he doesn't stay. The other day, the evening of Raven's rehoming, another came in as well. I think it was a dark coloured tabby.

 There he/she is.

 Rosie (kind of ) politely defended her territory.

 Ginger helped.

Meanwhile, someone else also wants to explore the compound...

 Yups, it's our very own Tabitha Jane Spencer aka Tabs!

 Eating lemongrass.

My other plants are quite dead...(well, it's also partly due to Mr G's spraying). By the way, I've suggested that his owner confine him as I am worried he goes to the neighbour's who may not like cats. It's for his own safety.

 Our girl wants to explore too...

 She keeps wanting to come out all the time now, but luckily she doesn't go far.

 Can I pose for the camera?

 You're putting my photo up somewhere, right? 


cindy said...

Hello KY,
If you put the shelf back against the wall, if they jump onto the top shelf, is it not back to square on? Spraying above the tile?

As for the sockets -- I know. I have the same problem. Skippy sprayed on them and short-circuted the whole house quite a few times! Eventually I wraped them up with kitchen foil - to prevent short circuit, and can be easily removed and replaced with clean ones.

When we moved to this present house, I have something different done. I will try to explain. Perhaps you could ask the electrician if they have it in Malaysia as well. It is just a strong plastic box (It can be as long as you wish) that housed all the electrical wires commonly found in the modern offices. so the place looks tidy with all cables hidden. What you want to do is, instead of the sockets where the 3 pins/holes facing you, have it put under the box, and faces the floor. Therefore the spraying cannot get to the holes of the sockets. IF there is no such thing available, it can be easily made with planks. Quite efficient.

chankahyein said...

Hi Cindy,
The two sprayers are too "fat" to jump to the highest shelf...ha ha. But they might jump onto the 2nd shelf and spray on the wall, but now it's tiled, so I can wipe easily.

The socket box, yes I know, but they would spray ON the box and that's a nightmare too. I've elevated all the sockets to 5 feet now. It's ok already.


cindy said...

What we do for our animals! For the love and company they give me, they deserved all the madness I have to deal with!


Joy E. Saga said...

Hi Rosie and Tabs!

Will pop by real soon to give you gals a neck scrub :-)