Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Raven went out yesterday

This morning, at 5am, there was loud mewing (sounded more like the mating call) in the garden. I came downstairs and found Mr G standing at Raven's cage. Raven (who was inside the cage) was also making the same kind of sound.

Mr G is not neutered yet though his owner said she would get him done.

The two were making a feline orchestra at 5am in the morning, so I had to tone it down or else the neighbours wouldn't be happy at all.

Mr G wouldn't go back home even after being fed. He kept hanging around Raven. I finally had to use water to shoo him off.  Raven too was making a total racket in her cage, so I brought her into the house.

That's when she started behaving very abnormally.  She was meowing non-stop (it was the mating call) and trying to claw her way out at the window. I quickly locked all the windows and sealed of all possible exits.

Our girl was adamant and very determined.

After ensuring all the exits had been secured, I went to work.

If you remember, Raven came at midnight and the very next day, which was 10th October, I brought her to the vet's for the mange. The vet said she was probably only 2 1/2 months old judging from her teeth and her size.  A repeat visit later also confirmed this. However, the vet did say that if her teeth do not drop, she could be a small-sized 6 month old cat, though highly unlikely.

If Raven is giving out the mating call now, either (1) she has come on heat early (which is possible as the vet said some cats come on heat at 2 months, though very rarely, or (2) she is actually 7 months old now.

It's only been a month since I started looking after her, but it seems like it has been a long time...

Rosie comes every morning, afternoon and evening.

 Early this morning.

 From the cage, I had to bring Raven in as she was making too much of a racket.

 Rosie's breakfast.

 Inside the living room.


 The whole house is hers.

 Though Raven was behaving a little abnormally and desperately trying to get out of the house, when I held her and told her she'd be going to a nice new home, she was calm.

 It's as though she understood?

 I sure am going to miss Raven, but this time, I had prepared myself by comforting me (!) that Raven is going to a very nice and loving home, which is much more than what I can provide here because my brood just won't accept her.

The plan to rehome her on Saturday was brought forward to this afternoon. Thank goodness Connie was able to fetch us as I don't know the way to Melawati.

I packed Raven's rehoming gift - a box of Monge (for Raven's new siblings in her new home), Natural Balance, Raven's little yellow tshirt and her two bell-balls.

Then, we waited for Connie.

Next: Raven in her new home!


nandhini sivanna said...

raven, hope you will be a good gal in your new home. looks like you might be ready to be spayed:)

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Since Raven were out there for a whole night, could she have mated with a male cat?

chankahyein said...

Raven did not go out the whole night, Yoke Mei. She went out during the rain for one hour. We don't know what she did during that time.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Hopefully nothing happened. Fingers crossed.

Joy E. Saga said...

Oh dear! Time to make an appointment with the Vet. Naughty Raven!