Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Raven has gone missing....FOUND!!

Updates at 4.15pm: I found the naughty girl!!  She came running back from the road. Thank heavens!  She is now caged.

 She was definitely scared. Came running straight back into the house.

 Here is our escape artist who gave me a daylight nightmare.

Don't you ever do that again, Rave!

 Back to the cage! And it's non-negotiable (she's complaining now).

The original post, written one hour after I realised she had gone missing: 

It's so strange. Raven is no where to be found. We had some workers coming in to tile up the room today. She was with me all the time. After the workers left, she was still around the house. My part-time cleaner and I were cleaning up the room and we saw her.

About an hour ago, we couldn't find her anymore. We have searched the entire house - many times over. Raven is no where to be found. We've got out in the rain to look for her as well.

Below are photos of Raven which I took this morning. All afternoon I was communicating by sms with my friend as we had planned to send Raven to her this Saturday.

My gate is wire-netted, so I don't think Raven would have escaped. She was still here after the workers left. And throughout her stay here (after Bosco passed on), she has never ventured far at all. Certainly not out of the gate. Where is Raven? If you know reiki, could you please send her thoughts to return home?  Thank you.

I hope Raven is fine, wherever she is now. I'm just hoping maybe she went to her and Bosco's "rain shelter" (every time when it rained, Bosco and Raven would go missing, but after the rain, they would return). I hope she will return soon.

Please help me send positive thoughts to Raven and guide her home. Thank you.










Maneki Neko said...

Wow, she is turning into one gorgeous young lady! :-)

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Thank goodness Raven knows how to come back....The community cat that i have been feeding and trying to look for a home ( has also gone missing since last Thursday. She would normally come for food in the morning and at night. Have tried to look for her around the neighbourhood. Hope she's fine and hope she will come to me again. Definitely very worried for her safety with the daily thunderstorm and all.
Hope Raven won't try to escape when she goes to her new home.....Be a good girl Raven.