Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clash of the Titans (of the feline kind)

Yes, sometimes we say it may not be wise for young children to watch too much violence and gore as the impressionable young mind is vulnerable and easily influenced. Hence, we have what is known as censorship and the classification of movies into categories.

Young human minds can be easily influenced by what they watch, but what about feline minds? And do cats even watch movies? I know mine don't.

Today, I had to deal with three "clash of the titans"...of the feline kind.

Well, the first one wasn't quite as "titanic"...

It was between sweet Rosie and...guess who?

How it all began...

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon, and...

 Sweet Rosie was sitting in our porch. When I opened the door, she mewed and wanted to come in.

 So, of course I invited her in and she made herself comfortable in the living room.

I then went to prepare a snack for Rosie, but was careful that I should serve the inside brood first lest jealousy surfaces and this could lead to something unpleasant.

So the inside brood was fed and mind you, it was Monge with wheatgrass, nothing less. Before I could even serve Rosie, someone escaped from the grille as I was getting out and that someone made a dash for poor, poor Rosie.

Who was it?

You have three guesses.

No, wrong, wrong and wrong.

It was....

Miss Tabitha Jane Spencer.

Yes, she had transformed into a terrorist of the worst kind, fluffed herself up, looking larger than life, and turned aggressive on poor Rosie.

Rosie was so frightened, she fled.

Tabitha Jane gave chase, all the way out to the porch and I had to forcibly grab her back. She was still fluffed up and quivering. I had never seen her so fierce before. I was instantly reminded of the time I brought her to the vet when she first adopted us. The vet had told me she was an alpha and a VERY "alpha" one at that.

That was Clash No.1.

Then Clash No.1 seemed to have upset the inside equilibrium somehow (there are some things we humans do not quite understand). And in less than half an hour, as I was busy paying subsidy claims online, I heard a most terrifying noise behind me.

I looked back and saw Bunny and Indy (yes, Indy!) locked in fierce battle - the type reminiscent of the adage "till death do us part", so to speak. Bunny and Indy were locked as one entity, and fur was flying all over the room. The sound was most horrifying.

Instinctively, I grabbed the water gun and shot a jet of water at both, but the two were not in the least affected. The fight continued and I was so sure someone would get hurt. So I grabbed a piece of cardboard and managed to break them up, but no sooner than that had happened, Cow came into the picture and attacked poor Indy. I guess it's the brotherhood thing at work here. Cow and Bunny are brothers.

The Cow-Indy fight happened right outside and this was a different battle. It wasn't "locked". They fought and moved. So I took the water hose and sprayed at the moving target.

They fight finally broke up at the corner of the Clubhouse with Cow retreating. I had to continue spraying (but not at them) as Cow wanted to launch a counter attack on Indy. Indy wasn't letting go either. We're talking about huge egos at war here.

That was Clash No.3. But among the three, Clash No.2 was the most frightening one.

After I was sure no further fights would take place, I locked Cow and Bunny inside the room and left Indy out in the Clubhouse. The three cannot meet...not for another few hours. Cow was quivering. Indy looked like he had been hit by something. Indy also looked like he was all ready to attack anyone who came near. The poor boy must have been so, so traumatised by the experience.

 Been there, done that. No big deal. I won the usual.

 Evidence of the fight - mostly black and white, belonging to Indy. Poor boy...

 I'm not sure if Cow fluffed himself up or it was due to the spraying.

After half an hour of self exile at the corner of the Clubhouse, Indy came back to civilisation.

Everyone was quite shaken. After all, it was a clash of the most titanic kind.

 Peace, brothers, peace...we are all brothers, black, white, grey, why fight? 

We, Pole and Cleo, do solemnly declare that although we are related to Cow & Bunny, we did not inherit their fighting genes and we were not involved in any way in that fight which transpired half an a hour ago. We were also no where near the scene of the crime. Hence, we are innocent. 

 Tabs, I know Twilight-Breaking-Dawn just hit the silver screen and is in fashion, but we can do without the vampire look, please. I'm all for the werewolves, anyway.

 Indy finally comes into the room and everyone is quite concerned.

 Are you okay, Indy? 

 Indy was still too shaken for words, so I let him be.

 More evidence of the big clash.

 Who started the fight, Bunny? Was it you? And why?

You're asking me? And expecting an answer??

 Poor, poor Indy...he looked so battle-scarred, but he's not injured. Thank goodness for that. It's just the water.

 And you? When did you learn to become such a terrorist?

 I learn from my elders...

Tiger-types don't fight. We just play with socks. We're peaceful people.  

Rosie had her food...outside the house.

 I finally managed to get Indy to eat something.

The poor boy was so terrified, he didn't even dare eat his dinner.

Desperate times call for desperate measures - Liv-a-Littles to the rescue!

Meanwhile, the titans have also cooled down (I hope)...

While the vet was certainly dead right about Tabs being "very alpha", he may not have been very right about Cow & Bunny when I first brought them to the clinic for deworming 6 and a half years ago. He told me they would be very small cats because they never had the privilege of having been nursed with mother's milk.


 We're looking at about 6.5 kg here, with Bunny topping the scales at 6.85kg!


Connie said...

Poor Indy! Must be the hot weather.

Chen said...

It's full moon tomorrow night!

Chen said...

6.5 and 6.85 kg ... yep those are titanic proportion cats. Tabs is going that way too? ... hence Clash 1?

CW Lee said...

"Yawn...every day just eat n sleep, eat n sleep with no target (bird/toad) to prey on so calories keep increasing; so to spice up our days once in a while we have some kungfu fighting just to burn off those fats, nothing to worry about Mummy, we'll make sure nobody will end up scar faced."

Bern said...

I'm for the werewolves too..And so is Don...Animals rule! :)
And my Bunny boy was also handfed by me and had no mommy's milk from 2 days old...But he's also grown to be huge at 6.85 kg too. I kinda spoilt him cos i bottle fed him all the way till he was about 6 months old...Haha. Don was pestering me to wean him off already, but i love feeding time cos there was just so much bonding going on.

chankahyein said...

LOL! Didn't know what the Twilight Saga was all about until now. Watched all the four earlier ones and *yawn*. I just liked the werewolves parts. And Jacob Black is such a good guy.

Yen Ling said...

Cow and Bunny weight is heavy than Jack's (Jack is only 6kg)! I hope all is fine now. It is a clash of the titans indeed.

Joy E. Saga said...

I didn't watch any of the Twillight series but my Maori can join at Titanic category of 6.5kg :)

mas said...

did not follow the twillight series..and yes, another Titanic member is Ayap from the petknode case. he's 7kg (previous 7.85kg), he's on diet now

chankahyein said...