Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The aftermath of the Clash


The Chinese has a saying that goes like this: Big problem becomes small problem; Small problem becomes no problem. 

Which would be what I hope has happened in my cat clan after yesterday's triple clash of the titans (details in above link).

Indy was traumatised all night and it was only much, much later that I got him to eat something. That was also when I noticed one of his claws had been bitten off (either by himself or by one of the terrorists). I applied some iodine on it, but he licked it all off. There was no bleeding, thank goodness for that.

All night, he slept on my table, hardly moving. Perhaps he was having a slight fever, but since he was eating, I thought it should be okay and did not warrant a trip to the emergency clinic. I fortified him with Vetri DMG, of course.

Then, just before going to bed, I thought it might be wiser to lock the two terrorists out of the room for the night. So the two were "lured" out into the pantry (with food, of course) and I closed the door on them. Sorry fellows, I cannot read cat minds and I certainly cannot risk you fellows launching another attack on poor Indy in the middle of the night.

The five stayed inside. I had a litter box and a bowl of water in the room for the night.

But as always, the heart fell soft for the two terrorists and after about an hour and a half, I decided I'd camp in the room for the night to make sure I was around to take care of things, so the two terrorists were allowed in again. After all, it was a cold night.

All through the night, Indy hardly moved an inch.

But this morning, at about 4.30am, Cleo made the breakfast call. The two terrorists were outside in the pantry. Hmm...they went out by themselves?

As dawn broke, Indy looked much better already.

I prepared their food and Indy had his favourite raw chicken liver. He ate. What a relief!

 Indy looks "normal" again.

 Titan No.1

 Titan No.2

 Titan No.3? In the making?

And Tabs, we said we're on the werewolves' side, so please cut out that Vampire look, okay? It's creepy.

 A non-alligned member.

 The non-alligned member's daughter.

We exist in peace.

 “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.” 

UNESCO Constitution, 1945.

 For further enquiries: Consult Tiger.

Eat when hungry,
Drink when thirsty,
Sleep when tired,
And all good things will be yours. 

- Another ancient Chinese saying


Chen said...

Tabs' vampire look is FUNNY! More please. She is a young girl and so naturally she is pro-vampire.

chankahyein said...

LOL! If you like the werewolves, you are probably:
A. an animal-lover.
B. warm-blooded and you like all things earthy.
C. a garlic eater and maybe you like Italian food!
D. not so young anymore (hence, more down to earth).

Joey said...

Hi Dr. Chen.

I was telling my bf about the Clash at your home, Tab's sudden aggression, and his reply was "she's feeding them raw meat??? No wonder they got aggressive. She's unleashed their wild animal instincts. The males will be more aggressive and territorial." Apparently, in farms, when one wants to train their farm dog to be more aggressive and territorial, they would feed them with raw or half cook beef at least once a week. Somehow, the dogs would get more aggressive.

He also thought I should mention to you that feeding too much chicken liver (cooked or raw) might not be good for the cats. That's because nowadays, many chickens are fatten up with antibiotics and steroids, and most of them sold before the antibiotics and steroids fully wear off. The antibiotics and steroids stay in the liver the longest. He suggested pig liver would be somewhat safer for the cats.

My bf's a bit sensitive. There was a time where he suddenly developed rashes and hives that would pop up off and on. Finally, after suffering a whole year, he eventually narrowed it down to chicken! When he stopped eating chicken, no rash, no hives! Not long after that, it came out in the news that chickens sold were found to have too high level of steroid. There was also a time where he got hives non stop and it was due to the high steroid levels in pork. Uh-huh, looks like he is a walking living steroid level meter, lol.

Maybe you could try stop the raw meat for a little while and see if the aggression is not so elevated?

chankahyein said...

Hi Joey, Thanks for the information and yes, I've heard that bit about the raw meat making animals fierce as well. I'll certainly check that out. Now, they only get raw meat (1-2 pieces) three times a week though Bunny, Cleo and Tabs get more as they like it. As for the liver and all the meats too, they get kampung chicken. At least I HOPE it's real kampung chicken (liver, meat, etc.) without the chemicals, but one cannot be sure these days! Indy gets liver twice a week only. Thanks very much for the information. Appreciate it lots.
Even as Indy was eating the liver (and licking up the blood, which he loves) that day, I did have an eerie feeling about it. It looked rather vampiry....LOL!
Titan No.1, Bunny - eats raw meat, but have been a bully all his life!
Titan No.2, Cow - does not eat raw meat, have been cranky all his life, bites people as well.
Titan No.3, Tabs - just started on raw meat in small doses, just started transforming into a titan, but only to outside cats, is very scared of Bunny.
Cleo - loves raw meat, but is not aggressive, just dont-mess-with-me type.
Indy - only eats raw liver (with the blood...yucks!) - can be aggressive, when attacked.
Pole - insignificant analysis, but dont-mess-with-me.
Tiger - "May all beings be well and happy. I come in peace."

Joey said...

Yikes!!!! I just realized I typed Dr. Chen instead of Dr. Chan above! Scatterbrains me. Sorry about that.

Hmmmm.... with that little amount of raw meat, yeah, I guess it should not be the trigger. Maybe hormones? I do know my very manja parrot, Burpy, can turn nippy during mating season. He gets cranky easily during those times. Or just plain, personality! My Jade is untouchable 99% of the time, unless his highness decides to grace you with the opportunity or is so badly in want of the durian you're eating ;p

chankahyein said...

ha worries about the name. Can't really point the finger at anything for my brood. Bunny is a bully, that's for sure. Cow is cranky. Still, it's good to keep a lookout and be observant. Thanks! Will watch Rosie too. She LOVES raw meat. But I don't give too much of anything to them. Always a mix.