Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh no...was it Indy! Titan No.4?

When the big triple-clash happened that day, I thought the aggressor was Bunny (as usual). But I did have an inkling that maybe, just maybe Indy had started the fight. Indy is known to act cranky at "certain times of the month", which may coincide with the new moon or full moon, am not really sure.

And anyway, I was told that black and white cats are a little "strange".

So, I had been watching and observing and today, I caught Indy red-handed...

He was trying to terrorise....


Poor Cow was terrified!

 I had to intervene before a fight actually broke out.

And coincidentally a reader had left a comment about the old belief that feeding animals raw meat could lead them to be aggressive. Of course the BARFers would scoff at this, but well, you'll never know, right? I asked a few friends who are BARFers and they said, yes, their grandmothers told them that too, but they have not noticed any change in the behaviour of their pets who are on raw food.

My raw-meat eaters are Bunny and Cleo; Tabs is acquiring a taste for it now, but it's just a few pieces each time. The rest don't really like it anymore, so they only get about 2 pieces in their wetfood 3 times a week. Cleo absolutely loves raw meat and she is not at all aggressive. Bunny is just a bully, that's all. For the record, Rosie loves raw meat too. Sweet Rosie? Yes, sweet Rosie.

 But what about Indy?

What does Indy like best?

Indy loves (and I mean, L-O-V-E-S) raw liver. Only liver. Not the meat. Just liver. And he LOVES licking up the blood.

He had always LOVED raw liver with the blood, but I  only give it to him 2 times a week, and not much too.
Only if I have it.

And each time, he will lick the bowl CLEAN.

Every drop of blood will be licked CLEAN.

 Yes, slurp, slurp, slurp...yes.

Two times a week is enough...slurp...slurp...

Research proposal: Are vampires, by any chance, afraid of wheatgrass?


Tabs: I will protect you, Bunny.

We shall see..., We shall see...

The "blood" brothers (pun intended!)


BoBo Salem said...

Dr Chan,
we think your clan are on the vampire side
he he he

BoBo Salem and catlings
Meow Meow Family

chankahyein said...

Sobs!! I cooked the meat more raw meat...until the Twilight-Breaking Dawn saga dies off.

Joy E. Saga said...

LOL! My clans love raw meat too now... when i cook the chicken, they take a snif and say you want me to eat this?

Well, raw is a once-in-awhile-treats for them. They are still mostly on kibbles because I don't have much time to cook for them.

Yasmin doesn't eat raw but she's very agressive. So perhaps that hypothesis is just a fallacy :)

chankahyein said...

I cooked the meat yesterday and my clan, like yours, sniffed at it and walked away. Then, I tried Rosie. She also walked away! Later, she came back, and ate it (more out of politeness than anything else!). Looks like they prefer it RAW. Back to nature?