Thursday, January 15, 2015

Refurbishing the cats' chairs

Our cats aren't that heavy, but look at what's happened to the Clubhouse chairs...


Both chairs suffered the same fate. And both are Tiger's and Cow's favourite chairs.

So, my husband decided to refurbish the chairs...


First, cut away all the loose strands.

mini-P1140656 mini-P1140657

Cut their favourite "springy netting" to the correct size for the seat.


Tie the netting neatly down with cable ties.


And tadah, we have a new seat!

He repaired both chairs and left it out for the cats to try, but this afternoon was particularly hot, so no one sat on them.


Finally....this evening, Tiger decided to try and yes!

It looks even more comfortable and should be more lasting now.
After all, the frame is aluminium and is made to last in rain or shine.


Tiger saying "thank you, thank you".

A little later...


Old is gold, isn't it?

They seem to prefer the old (refurbished) chairs - it must have all their scents and so much history!

mini-P1140649Enjoying the old favourite chair while doing sentry duty.


Sentry duty? Did someone say "sentry duty"?

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