Monday, January 12, 2015

Looking after Cow (Day 6)

Today is Day 6 since Cow had his third eyelid flap surgery.

We let him have a walk in the garden this afternoon.

mini-20150111_125932 mini-20150111_130016

Brother Bunny accompanied Cow, but they went on their own adventures.

mini-20150111_130028 mini-20150111_130425

Cow was quite reluctant to be taken back into the room. Despite the e-collar, it was a struggle for me to carry him back. He is so strong.


Throughout the day, we give him body massages. He even knows how to turn his body so that we massage at the right places.

mini-P1110650Facial massages, too.

And lots and lots of moral support.

Cow craves for attention and often calls us from the grille for a massage. We are doing everything we can to make him more comfortable. He has to be on the e-collar for 3 weeks, so it's another 2 weeks to go.

Cow's appetite is very good. So that's one less worry there. Nevertheless, it is still not easy for us to see him having to bear all this discomfort (it breaks my heart, but I have to be strong for him). We pray the surgery will eventually be successful in saving his eye.

Cow and all of us at home thank you very much for your kind prayers and wishes.



Syeeleo said...

Metta to you & Cow and the rest of of ' Family'

Michele said...

Our prayers are with you, Cow and the Family
Take care Dr Chan