Saturday, January 17, 2015

Heidi, my dedicated nurse

About a week ago, when I was still feeling very ill and tired, Heidi was my "nurse".

In the wee hours of the morning, she would jump up onto my side of the bed and lie down with me. There was one day when I was feeling exceptionally cold. Heidi knew and she wanted to keep me warm. The bolster was in between Heidi and me, but our dear little dame, walked the length of my body to look for a place where she could lie touching my skin. She kept me warm.

It was in the mornings that I felt the worst. I could not drag myself out of bed. The body felt so weak and tired. I was awake, but had no mental energy to even get out of bed. Every morning was a great struggle. But it was feeding time in the morning. Someone had to feed the cats. Whenever he wasn't working, my husband said he would feed the cats so I needn't wake up. But Heidi would refuse to go down to eat. She would jump out of bed and walk to the door. Then, she would turn back, look at me and start mewing.

"Come on, get out of bed, get out of bed, or I'm not going down to eat!", I could almost hear her say.

She probably knows I cannot bear knowing she would miss her meal. So I forced myself up (which was good for me, actually). My intention was just to make sure she goes down the stairs and gets to eat and I would go back to bed again. But no, Heidi would not have that happening.

She would take two steps, and look back at me. And I'd just keep telling her to go down. But she wouldn't go on her own.

"No, you come down with me, or I'm not moving another step", Heidi said.

In that way, Heidi made me go all the way down without going back to bed.


Heidi, my dedicated nurse.

Never underestimate how much a cat knows and what they can do for you!

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jasmine ong said...

She is a sweetheart ♡