Wednesday, January 28, 2015

December blankets

These were the blankets that we gave away in December to friends who have helped us silently and anonymously over the years. The moment we declared we were going to continue running the Fund, our friends were one of the first ones to start the donation ball rolling again. Eleven more were also given away, but these were returned to us for auction, so you shall be seeing them later when we put them out! We thank all our friends very much!

green pic

A classic patchwork sewn with scraps. Really green in every way!

orange butterflies pic

This butterfly cloth was contributed by Agnes Cheong.

red pic

A very pretty red piece, sewn with cloth from my mum's stash.

red pinwheel pic

A red pinwheel piece, designed by Ginger!


From Ginger to his furry friends from across town!

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Maneki Neko said...

True friends, indeed! :-)