Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mr Zurik's perseverance

Mr Zurik does not give up.

If one were to give him marks for perseverance, he'd score a perfect TEN paws down.


He knows I take a walk daily at the playground. He stalks me there, but in a nice way. The moment he sees me, he follows. Once, he even trotted after me for two full rounds (which is a very long distance for a cat). When he got near enough, he mewed for sympathy.

We figured Mr Zurik has no home nowadays. He is usually sitting outside houses or is at the playground. So, rehoming him is an option we are looking into.

The other day, I saw a lady at the playgound and she wanted to befriend Mr Zurik. So, I quickly asked if she'd like to adopt him. Unfortunately, she could not. But guess what, Mr Zurik decided he would persuade her, so he immediately followed her, rubbed himself on her legs and he walked with her all the way from the playground to her house (which is a few roads away).

I guess the self-adoption did not work out. After an hour, Mr Zurik was back at our house.

Deal didn't go through, huh?

He knows my husband does not welcome him at our house because of the "problems" he creates. But the moment my husband goes out, Mr Zurik will appear either at the patio or even inside the kitchen.

Yes, he is that fast and that smart.

We think he must be stalking our house with a binoculars somewhere nearby. Or maybe the shrews are doing it for him?

And he is so smart that he knows he only needs to run from my husband when he is in our house compound. At the playground, it's neutral ground, so he doesn't need to run. He stays put and even intercepts our path when we walk. How smart is that?

Super smart, I'd say. One would not expect anything less from a KGB-trained cat.

mr Z

This was taken yesterday morning when my husband was at work.

Is there anyone out there who would like to give Mr Zurik a home?

Please let me know. Thank you!

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