Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cow's corneal ulcer

Thank you, everyone, for asking about the cats. Everyone is fine except Cow.

Cow's blood clot in the eye has dissipated completely. Unfortunately, he developed a corneal ulcer during the time I was ill and hospitalised and we didn't know this. Soon after, his eye suddenly looked cloudy one day, so Ming-Yi took him to the vet to get treated. He was then put on an antibiotic eyedrop.

Cow eye

Although I would much rather not put any cat on the e-collar knowing how stressful it is, Cow has no choice now. The ulcer did not get better after the third visit, so besides the antibiotic eyedrop, Cow is also currently on a plasma eyedrop.

We hope he will recover from the ulcer soon.

I do take off the e-collar several times a day to let him groom himself. Two people are required during the eyedrop sessions as Cow is simply too strong (and fierce!).

Please get well soon, Cow.

P.S. Mr Zurik has been dropping in for visits too. Maybe he really knows I'm not well, so he drops in to say hello.



adelyn said...

I do pray that cow will get well soon. I know it's very stressful for them to wear the E-collar, my cat worn the collar for weeks. It's really stressful for them to groom and scratch their ears.

Get Well Soon Cow.

I hope you are also recover from denggi too.

jasmine ong said...

Get well soon Cow.

May you recover soon and be in good health again Sis. Take care.

Yen Ling said...

Get well soon, Cow.