Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cow's check-up at the vet's (Day 7)

We brought Cow for his first check-up, a week after the third eyelid flap surgery.

The vet said on the outside, it looks good and clean. The third eyelid flap is still intact and there is no signs of any infection. Cow will finish his oral antibiotics tomorrow and we are just to continue with the daily eyedrops at least twice a day. This is to prevent infection at the surgical site.

Since we cannot see what is going on inside, we can only hope that the ulcer is healing with the help of nourishment from the blood vessels in the third eyelid.

The vet says three things can happen when they open up the eye in two weeks' time:

1. The ulcer heals completely, which is the best.

2. The ulcer heals partially, but has healed enough to continue healing on its own.

3. The ulcer has not healed and the third eyelid flap surgery has to be repeated all over again.

Cow has two more weeks to go, and during this time, he certainly needs all the support and positive healing energy that he can get.

9 Cow Day 7

Cow on his favourite springy bed.

We thank all of you very much for your kind prayers and healing energy for Cow.


Linda Low said...

Be strong, we will pray for Cow's complete healing in due time.

Yoke Mei n the Gang at home said...

Cow mau.... "Add oil add oil.....!"