Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Mr Zurik does


He puts on his best "muka kesian" and trots after me all around the park.


He wants people to think he's my loyal cat.

mini-IMG-20150129-WA0003 mini-IMG-20150129-WA0004

Today, he followed me for two full rounds again, until I relented and invited him back for a second breakfast.


But he has to eat away from the PatioCats.

This evening, at dinner time, he had a scuffle with Ginger.


Mr Zurik whacked me....sobs.

Yes, Ginger, I witnessed the whole thing. I know. For no reason, Zurik whacked you. He's just trying to pick a fight.


Rosie is so afraid of him.


 If only you'd behave, Mr Zurik...sigh.

Zurik: Я получил планы....

Yes, you are incommunicado, that's why....

Zurik: Вот что я хочу , чтобы вы подумали

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