Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cow Mau's big day

The three weeks ends today.

We will be taking Cow to the vet's this afternoon to get his stitches removed and finally get to see if the ulcer has healed after three whole weeks of (hopefully!) being nourished by the blood vessels in the third eyelid.

In the four times we took him for a check-up, the outside looked good, but we don't know what is going on inside the eye. Today, we shall find out.

Oh gosh...I'm so nervous, it feels like the days of old when exam results are coming out....


Cow is definitely calmer than me this morning. He had his breakfast and here he is, lounging on his favourite chair at the Clubhouse.

Whatever the outcome, Cow and all of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your moral support, healing thoughts and kind prayers. We are very grateful.


Thank you for praying for my friend, Cow. 

I prayed too...

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Chen said...

Joining hands to Tabs' paws to make praying circle for Cow Mau.