Friday, January 30, 2015

How does Cow do it?

During the three weeks that Cow was on the e-collar (and still is now), he had, on numerous occasions, slipped out through the window grille in the middle of the night.

We don't get to see how he does it, but in the morning, he's outside in the pantry.

You see, we make sure he is INSIDE the room before we lock up for the night (we close the wooden door). The other cats can go in and out of the room to the pantry by using the window, but Cow should not be able to do it as the e-collar is too wide for the window grille.

And yet, he could do it.

How does he do it?


See? This morning, he was outside again.

And I'm very, very sure the e-collar is too wide for the window grille.


So I measured it today.


It's not a perfect circle, but the smallest diameter is 18.5cm.


And the gap in the window is only 10.5cm.


How do you do it, Cow?


Did Indy help you?


We figured it must be Pole. She's a brilliant engineer and an escape artist supremo. She must have calculated the angle of escape and taught Cow how to do it.


It can't be Bunny. He's so lazy, he won't even come in through any gap (big enough) unless someone opens the grille for him.


Best not to ask questions which have no answers and just give me a massage, please?

Yes, a little bit to the right....yes, ahh...

mini-P1290677 mini-P1290678

Tomorrow is e-collar OFF day!

Less than half a day away....yay!!


ade said...

methinks Cow has learned the art of walking backwards or sideway entry!

Mei said...

Haha! I love how the cats are looking on as you measure the window grille. I'm guessing that Cow managed to push the collar through the grille sideways. My dog has done it before through our grille (which was patterned with motives that were sharp). That shocked us all because she was recently spayed and had an infection. Our dog is probably the same size as Cow (she's the same size as my Tom cat). So glad Cow is looking much better and happier! :)